2. "Many processed food products are protein-poor but are engineered to taste like protein. Many people therefore eat far too much fat and carbohydrate in their attempt to ingest enough protein. In this way, engineered foods subvert the appetite control systems that should be helping to balance the consumption of macronutrients."

  4. "Conservatives want smaller government as an end in itself; liberals don’t seek bigger government per se — they want government to achieve certain things, which is quite different."

  5. Let’s hope Reed sticks to his promise should it come to that and not let them further shortchange our city. A renewal is for 5 years or not at all.

  7. A better ax?

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  10. General Mills has changed its privacy policy, and now consumers who download its coupons, join its websites or Facebook page or subscribe to its email newsletters click through a new “binding arbitration clause and class-action waiver”.